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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Crazy Family Guy Clip

This is a very funny music clip with scenes taken from "the family guy". The theme is "mortal combat" -- interesting combat.

The best soccer player in the world

Maybe you're not a fan of soccer, but you cannot miss this anyway. The best soccer player in the world, Ronaldinho, showing what he can do with a soccer ball. The final part of the video is amazing: he is able to kick the ball four times in the same corner of the field goal. See it here.

Great tricks on the sand

This is one of the best videos I have seen: a guy from Korea gives a drawing show. But mind what: the drawing is made not with pen or brush, but with sand!

It is incredible how this guy manages to use his hands on the sand to draw anything.

Best Google Videos

Google has provided the Internet community with an incredible resource: anyone can upload videos to google and step up to stardoom! Using this opportunity, several people has contributed some of the best home made videos ever. And you can see everything for free.

This site will show some of the best contributions to google video. I would like also to receive suggestions of good videos to be shown in this page.